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Allow me to re-introduce Myself.

Hello my name is Ugo Umeh, I currently work as a Performance Engineer at Salesforce*. This is a digital collection of my thoughts on a variety of topics and some personal projects that I have worked on.
*Views expressed here are mine and not that of my employer.

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The time value of the Naira compared to Bitcoin

Recently I have been researching the time value of money especially in the context of developing countries with high inflation. In this article I looked at data from the last 2 years to see if crypto-currencies like Bitcoin offer a safe haven when compared to traditional financial institutions as a hedge against inflation.
This is a work in progress the header becomes a valid link when the article is ready

Your localhost is lying to you

While most seasoned developers understand that simply making a web based application work locally is one-third of the work. In this tutorial series I will show you a weekend hack on how to setup a local performance Lab to see how your application scales in the real world.